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Milton Park Introductory fees – Terms & Conditions

Introductory fees for successful introductions will be due to the introducing property professional on completion of a lease with the introduction business, based on;-
£0.69 per sq. ft. of lettable building floor area for lettings of industrial and warehouse property
£1.99 per sq. ft. of lettable building floor area for lettings of office and laboratory property
To be valid an Introduction must meet to the following four criteria:-
  1. Be made by a bona-fide commercial property professional that would not otherwise receive a fee for a letting at Milton Park resulting from the Introduction, the “introducing property professional”
  1. Be to a named individual at a business outside of Milton Park with a property requirement which MEPC is not aware of at the time the introduction is made, the “introduction business”.
  1. Be submitted through the Milton Park online property professional introduction portal and accepted by MEPC as meeting criteria 1 and 2 above.
  1. Result in MEPC exchanging contracts with the introduction business for a lease of premises at Milton Park of at least 1 year term certain, within 9 months of the date of the introduction, “the successful introduction”.


Introductory fees will be paid by MEPC Milton GP Ltd on receipt of a valid invoice from the introducing property professional. MEPC reserves the rights to withdraw its introductory fee offer at any time. Its decision is final.
Thank you. And good luck.