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Why learning a new language isn't just good for business

Published on: 25/04/2018

Many of us list ‘learn a new language’ as one of our new years resolutions, but it can be hard to consistently learn and pick up a new language, especially when you are not experiencing that language in your day-to-day life.

However, there are lots of benefits to learning a new language!

Learning a new language can boost your CV – and your career!

Many people learn a new language to help their employability in an increasingly global world. German, French and Japanese are traditional ‘business’ languages to learn, though demands for Mandarin Chinese and Spanish speakers are increasing rapidly.

Learning to write and speak a new language can significantly help your employability – opening up a new level of jobs and strengthening job positions in global companies, alongside showing your dedication to self-improvement.


Learning a new language keeps your brain sharp

Every job comes with its own brand of repetitiveness. Doing the same thing every day, however well you do it or how interesting it is, can lead to you getting brain burnout.

Learning a new language puts your brain into a different gear. Getting your brain to work in a different way and stay active can lead to improvements in your work, helping your problem-solving abilities and concentration levels.


Learning a new language adds a new dimension to your travels

When travelling to another country, it is common courtesy to learn at least basic phrases from the native language of your destination. But imagine where you could go if you knew a language beyond saying hello and ordering a drink at a restaurant. You can have conversations with locals and even make friends.

Language and culture are very closely linked. The more you learn about a language, you will have a closer connection to a new culture.


Learning a new language can boost your memory and analytical skills

Focusing on learning a new language from scratch involves a ‘boost’ of focused brain power which has positive affects elsewhere. It can have a positive effect on your attention span, short term memory, analytical and communication skills. Focusing on a language can also make it easier for the brain to process abstract concepts. If the brain is a muscle, learning a new language is an opportunity for it to try a new work out.   


Leaning a new language lets you enjoy art and culture as it was meant to be seen and heard

Subtitles are a great way to view films from another country, and famous foreign language books can sell millions in their English versions, but something is always lost in translation.

Not only is watching films and TV shows in another language a great way to pick up nuances of the language but watching and reading culture in its native language can be extremely rewarding. Learning a new language inevitably means you also learn a lot about the culture that language comes from, and you are able to see new layers and meanings in films and books.


Sign up for Languages at Lunch!

Once a week, Milton Park is home to Languages at Lunch, a company that visits the Park and teaches the joy of languages.

Classes are fun and informal with plenty of time to practice speaking.

Languages at Lunch are held every Thursday.

To find out more about Languages at Lunch, please visit: www.languagesatlunch.com

If you are interested in these classes, please get in touch with Jo Saunders on: jo@languagesatlunch.com, or call her on 01865 736840.

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