We support great causes

Giving back and supporting people in need is great, and the MEPC team supports many local causes and charities helping to make a difference to people’s lives.

MEPC and the wider community

Milton Park sits within a wider community of Milton village, Sutton Courtenay, Steventon, Harwell and Didcot. We feel very strongly about the importance of engaging, listening and communicating, so we have regular conversations to explain our plans and understand local peoples' views. We also ensure that local residents can benefit from our amenities. It’s always great to see places such as our Post Office, gym, pharmacy and café being used by so many people from the local area.

For us, it’s about being integrated and inclusive. Our policies are in place to ensure that we treat everyone in the fairest possible way.

We support local and national charities throughout the year.

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The MS Therapy
The Abingdon Youth Project

Oxfordshire MS Therapy Centre

Based at Milton Park for more than 30 years, we are proud that this charity calls us its home. Here they provide complementary therapies and support to assist those with Multiple Sclerosis. The facilities, in particular their Oxygen Chamber, are also used by members who have other medical conditions – such as those recovering from cancer treatment or from sports injuries.

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Abingdon Damascus Youth Project

This charity, which is based at Milton Park, prides itself on enabling young people to make a positive difference within their own communities. Their team is made up of enthusiastic, qualified youth workers who have a passion for seeing change in young people’s lives.

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Sustainability at our heart

Minimise our impact on the environment

From waste to recycling and building practices, we invest and develop Milton Park for future generations.

Support our customers in sustainable behaviours

Whatever initiatives our customers are considering, we are always supportive. We encourage and facilitate sustainable travel options thanks to our sustainable travel advise who works hard to help people minimise their carbon footprint.

Making ethical decisions to be sustianable and offer support

As we plan for our future growth through our 2040 Vision, sustainability runs through all our decision making.

Provide safe and healthy working environments

Reducing air pollution, nurturing our biodiverse Park by planting shrubs and trees; it’s all part of providing a welcoming and healthy place to work.

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