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Natural Netwalking at Milton Park is back!

Published on 06 April 2021

If you're eager to reconnect and share ideas and experiences by meeting people in real life in the great outdoors, then the answer is the return of Natural Netwalking at Milton Park which resumes on Thursday 22 April 2021.

Natural Netwalking is the outdoor, active alternative to traditional business networking.

It runs at nine locations across Oxfordshire and Berkshire and has been featured in local TV news and newspapers as the healthy way to network.   

Robin Tucker and Sabiene North are the team who are bringing Netwalking to Milton Park.

Robin explained the benefits: “Milton Park is a great hub for business and innovation, which thrives with collaboration – but we haven’t been able to meet each other for months. Now, as lockdown eases, we can use organised outdoor walks to provide a safe way for business leaders, owners and innovators to meet and make connections. I run a small company and have found it a great way to test ideas and get new perspectives, I’ve even done business with another walker.”

The team ran two popular walks in 2020 before the third lockdown forced them to stop.

Now the rules are easing they are keen to get going again, as Sabiene explained: “We had such a great response from people on our previous walks. The format makes it possible to have high-quality one-to-one conversations in a relaxed and natural environment, without interruptions.  This really helps you engage and find common interests, and our netwalkers appreciate the difference. Afterwards, when we’ve been able to have a coffee together, everyone is already energised.”

The walks will be on Thursday mornings, usually the third Thursday of the month, at 8am to leave you fresh and energised for the day ahead.

How do the walks work?

As an ‘organised sport or physical activity’ Natural Netwalking is permitted to resume from 29 March and is not subject to the ‘Rule of Six’.

However, Natural Netwalking is taking additional precautions to minimise virus transmission risk and the Rule of Six does apply before and after the walk.

  • Gather on the grass area near Café Metro, in groups of no more than six, with social distancing
  • Introduction to Natural Netwalking and the day’s walk by your walk leaders
  • Walk for 1 to 1.5 hours (3 to 4 miles) through countryside near Milton Park. Walk leaders will set a gentle pace, and arrange the group in pairs, changing at times to talk to different people, make contacts and explore ideas
  • Optional coffee or drink together afterwards outdoors at Café Metro for further conversations (subject to Government guidelines). Please bring a face covering to access the café.

How do I join the Netwalk?

Sabiene concluded: “We believe that we’re all needing to regain the value of direct human interaction, in a safe way. Walking side-by-side, socially distanced in the open air means that people are having really good conversations, but safely. It also counts to your recommended 150 minutes of physical activity per week. We are really excited to be back just as the weather gets better and look forward to welcoming people to our Milton Park Netwalks.”