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Join November's Milton Park Netwalking

Published on: 06/10/2020

Are you missing networking? Or perhaps you would you like to get out in the open air, away from your office or home and meet like-minded people and make new business contacts?

This Autumn, the team at Natural Netwalking, the new active alternative to traditional indoor business networking, is running its first Netwalking events at Milton Park.

There are already 11 locations in Oxfordshire and Berkshire and the initiative is growing rapidly.

The team behind Natural Netwalking promises natural chats about your business and others, while walking in the countryside.

Robin Tucker, who runs the Milton Park Netwalk with Sabiene North (pictured below), explains: “We enjoy bringing different people from different places together in a way that they spark new ideas and create value together. People form such strong bonds when they walk together. It’s a wonderful and healthy alternative to indoor networking.

Netwalking Robin & Sabiene at Milton Park

"We are excited to bring Netwalking to Milton Park and encourage people to join this new way to meet people in a relaxed setting and meet, innovate and partner together.

“We believe that we’re all needing to regain the value of direct human interaction, in a safe way. Walking side-by-side, socially distanced in the open air means that people are fully engaging on discussions about existing business, relationship-building or new ideas.

“Our format is designed so people have quality one-to-one conversations, away from the distractions of their office, home or phone. By combining work with wellbeing it also counts towards your recommended 150 minutes of physical activity per week. We look forward to welcoming people to our first Milton Park Netwalk.”

What to expect on your Netwalk

The Milton Park Netwalk starts with an early morning walk energises you for the day. There are other groups which offer late morning and night time walks.

Each Netwalk follows a similar format:

- Introduction to Natural Netwalking by your guide (including disclaimer if not booked online)

- Walk for approximately 1 to 1.5 hours (3 to 4 miles) in a relaxed setting and pace with opportunities to talk to different people, make contacts and explore ideas

- Optional coffee or drink together afterwards at a café or pub for further conversations, subject to Government guidelines.

What about the 'rule of six'? 

Organised sporting or fitness related activities are currently allowed to continue in groups of more than six. Read the Government's latest guidance here.

Robin adds: “We have reviewed the rules and conducted a risk assessment. The key factor is that we have to be careful not to mingle in groups larger than six before or after, which is why we are meeting in a wide open area where people can spread out.  

"On the walks, although not strictly required, we will walk in groups of six or less, and we will limit the number of groups to four. We walk mainly side by side so people can talk without face to face contact. This reduces transmission risk but is good for natural conversation as well. Afterwards, if they wish, people can stay on for coffee on the outside tables at Milton Park in groups of up to six. You should bring a face covering for the cafe and should you wish, can wear on on the walk."

NNW Abingdon walk 20200818_082517How much does it cost and how do I sign-up?

The first Natural Netwalking at Milton Park was held on Thursday 15th October 2020.

The next Natural Netwalking at Milton Park will be on Thursday 12th November 2020 at 8am meeting on the grass outside Café Metro at the Park Centre.

Find out more and book your place.

Each walk usually costs £20 per person and the first walk is half price.

However, for people who contact: miltonpark@naturalnetwalking.co.uk, they will be offered the ‘first walk for free’.

Find out more and read about the Netwalk leaders here: www.naturalnetwalking.com.

Join the LinkedIn Group: Natural Netwalking – Milton Park

Follow Natural Netwalking, Robin and Sabiene on Twitter: @NNetwalking, @robintucker1 and LinkedIn: @Sabiene North.

Happy Netwalking!

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