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Approaching Monday Positively

Published on: 01/10/2018

Learn to Love Monday: Approaching Monday Positively

If there is one thing the working population agrees with, it’s that we all dread Mondays, no matter what our job is.

Monday symbolises the return to a life of responsibility from work after the ‘freedom’ of a weekend, leading to its universal hatred.

However, the mindset of viewing Monday as the ‘enemy’ can make us only feel negative. 14% of our lives are spent living on a Monday, and we can make more use of that time.

Here are some tips on how to approach Monday positively, and turn it from a dreaded day into your favourite day of the working week.


Stress is the cause of a negative attitude

Stress, both at work and at home, can affect every aspect of your life and your mindset. Once you learn methods of how to tackle stress, you will find your attitude to Monday morning will change dramatically.

Everyone handles stress differently, and many of us navigate and cope with stress through bad habits. However, there is plenty we can do to help control our stress through adaptation of good habits.

These good habits include:

Spend Monday morning with good people

Spend time with the people who will lift you up – organise a pre-work coffee or casual meeting with people from your network who will bring a positive energy to your day – these can be co-workers, friends, or a member of your family. If you spend time with those who bring out the best in you, you will approach your ‘worst’ day as your best self.

It is also a great opportunity to vocalise and discuss any anxieties and concerns you have about the week.

Add your favourite activity to your Monday morning routine

It means waking up early, but if you reserve a slot of time in your Monday morning routine to do something that you truly love, you will then wake with something to look forward to.

These activities could include typical ‘Sunday’ activities, such as watching an episode of your favourite TV show, doing some online shopping, planning a holiday, performing a skin care or make-up routine. This helps extend the ‘weekend’ feeling.  

Add your ‘Life Admin’ activities to your Sunday evening routine

A well-planned Sunday evening is essential to a successful Monday morning.

If there are parts of the morning you can’t face, do them on Sunday evening when you are feeling more relaxed. These activities can include:

  • Tidying or decluttering your living space
  • Sorting your wardrobe for the day, or even the week
  • Cooking lunch, dinner and even breakfast in advance

Tiring yourself out on a Sunday will also lead to a better quality of sleep.

Exercise on a Sunday

Exercising on a Monday is often recommended but can feel like an impossible aim. However, exercising on a Sunday will make you feel positive and ready to take on a day of work. It has a huge advantage of helping you sleep easier on Sunday evening.  

This may crowd up your Sunday evening routine somewhat, but it will all be worth it when you face a breezy Monday morning.

If you are having a ‘lazy Sunday’, why not try a 20-30 minute ‘As Many Rounds As Possible’ routine at home, where one focuses on rounds of simple yet challenging exercises, with 30 seconds of intense exercise (for example, burpees, push ups, jumping jacks) followed by 20 seconds of recovery.

Embrace big projects, put off big decisions

Monday is the most common day of the week for employees to decide to quit their job. This is often an emotional decision, and this will be due to the extreme juxtaposition of the ‘highs’ of the weekend and the ‘lows’ of a Monday morning. 

If you have any big decisions to make, try and save them for when you are more into your routine on a Tuesday. You are less susceptible to extreme decisions. Monday choices can lead to regrets and can be counterproductive.

On the other side of things, Monday is a good time to do some heavy lifting work-wise – focus on larger, more tangible projects, rather than spending the day doing small and not urgent tasks from your e-mails. Your mind is at its freshest, and it is best to focus that brain power on more complicated tasks.

Focusing on these bigger pieces of work also lifts the brain out of its slump which can happen during a slow or depressing Monday morning. It engages the brain, makes time pass fast, and you are likely to be doing good work.

View Monday as an opportunity

If many of us view Monday as a ‘slow day’, this is a good time to take the approach of seeing Monday as the time when you can get the bulk of your work done or tackle some important tasks.


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