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Desk Lunch Ideas for a Healthy New Year

Published on: 02/01/2019

Wellbeing Wednesday: Desk Lunch Ideas for a Healthy New Year

Sick of meal deals and having the same sandwich every day? Here are some suggestions on how to make some simple, healthy and tasty lunch meals to turn your desk lunch from drab to fab!

Layered Rice Bowls

Build up on a base of rice (brown rice takes a little longer to cook but leaves you fuller) and simply layer up your choice of sauce and vegetables. These rice bowls are easy to put together and the options are endless – If you have no time to make up a sauce, stir-fry sauces work well with this dish.

Make Burritos Ahead for Freezing

Making your own burritos is a doddle, and you can bulk-roll on a Sunday evening.

Great fillings for frozen burritos include: seasoned rice and beans, Cajun-cooked vegetables, grated cheddar, pork carnitas, chicken thigh meat, leafy greens and corn. Simply pick your favourite fillings and get rolling. Wrap in foil, freeze, and take out of the freezer the morning before your lunch.

Salad in a Jar

This modern classic is an easy way to put together and transport your favourite salad. Simply shake up and plate up!

The best way to put together a jar salad is to layer your chosen dressing at the bottom of the jar, add your choice of salad leaves and vegetables and then top with your grains and protein. The result is a balanced and filling dish which takes five minutes to get together.

Turn Your Leftover into a Salad

Do you have leftovers from your Sunday roast? Simply add salad vegetables, grains and a tasty dressing to create a second meal. Brilliant for your pocket and eliminating food waste.  

Make Sandwiches at Home

Better than the store-bought stuff with your own favourite recipes and flavours. Want something lighter? Turn your favourite sandwich fillings into wraps, or go for pitta bread for a lighter Greek-inspired twist on the sandwich while cutting down on the carbs.

Got a Toastie Maker in the Office?

Dust it off and be a lunchtime hero by bringing in some simple toastie ingredients and make your own grilled cheese sandwich for a meal fit for a king.  

How about cheddar, sweet red peppers and chilli sauce for a bit of bite?

Add a Twist to a Classic

A simple baked potato and beans is a desk lunch staple, but it’s easy to add a fancy twist - why not create a hassleback potato by slicing it up very thinly and adding to the oven – adding an extra layer of crunch and flavour to a classic.

Batch Cook a Healthy Chickpea Curry

… and divide it up over a few desk lunches. Use your Sunday evening to batch up something filling, tasty and healthy, so you don’t need to make any more effort across the week to make sure you get fed and kill any lunchtime cravings. 

Fill the Thermos and Make a Hearty Soup

Make soup at home with fresh ingredients and fill your flask with chunky warming soups packed with grains and vegetables for a lunch that is easy to make and easier to transport.  

A spicy Mexican bean soup with shredded chicken is a winner – packed with protein and warming flavours to take off the chill in winter months.  

Want to Cut on Carbs in the New Year? Try Lettuce Wraps

If you are wanting to lower your carb intake after a heavy Christmas, lettuce wraps are growing in popularity and are easy to put together. They don’t need to be boring either, fill lettuce wraps with chicken mayo salad or with flavour-packed pork larb for a lunch which will keep you full without filling you with carbs.

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