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Wellbeing Wednesday – Desk Yoga & Deskercise

Published on: 28/03/2018

Wellbeing Wednesday - Desk Yoga & Deskercise

Have you heard the phrase ‘sitting is the new smoking’?

Sadly, sedentary lifestyles can be just as risky as an addiction to nicotine, as studies conclude that desk jobs which involve sitting in the same position for hours on end can lead to serious health risks.

Before you begin to worry too much, there are easy ways to tackle the health issues created by sedentary working. A simple five-minute ‘movement break’ every 30 minutes has a myriad of health benefits.

It may not be entirely convenient to go outside for a walk every half an hour, which is why ‘Deskercise’ is growing in popularity. In the age of boutique gyms offering ever more complex and novel ways to exercise (trapeze classes, anyone?), deskercise is the new trend which relies on simplicity. All you need is your desk, your chair and your body.

Here is a simple deskercise routine to get you started, starting with a few ‘Desk Yoga’ stretches which help realign your posture and stretch your muscles:

A five-minute desk yoga routine


The Curious Dog

Sit up straight and tall, and drop your right ear towards your right shoulder (without moving your shoulder up). Hold for five seconds and repeat on the left side. Do this five times to loosen and strengthen your neck muscles.


The Giraffe

Weave your fingers together and reach your intertwined hands towards the ceiling, palms facing the sky, stretching out your upper back and arm muscles. Hold this for ten seconds. Repeat three times to help align your back.  


The Owl

Keep your body still and turn your head as far as comfortable to the right so you feel a stretch in your neck muscles. Keep your head in this position for five seconds, then slowly turn to the left and hold for five seconds.


The Sloth

Stretch your upper back and neck muscles with this simple stretch. Simply drop your chin towards your chest and slowly sway your head from left to right.


The Flamingo

This high-reaching move will engage your stomach and hip muscles. Raise your right arm over your head and bend your arm as far as you can to the left. Hold this position for five seconds, then bend the other way with your left arm.


The Sitting Pigeon

Press your palms together in a praying position behind your back. Sit with your back straight and hold for ten seconds, stretching out your shoulders and biceps.


The Computer Chair March

Want to get your blood pumping? This slice of desk cardio should help you out. Raise your right hand up to the sky. Now raise your left leg as you bring your arm back down and touch your left foot. Repeat ten times on each side.


The Desk Chair Swivel

Give your abs a brush up using your desk chair. Sit up straight and keep your feet above the floor, kick your chair out slightly and hold the edge of your desk. Now, use your core muscles to swivel your chair slowly from side to side. Repeat 10 times.

All this should take around five minutes. Congratulations, you’ve mastered deskercising!


Stay Healthy with Milton Park

Milton Park provides plenty of opportunities to combat sedentary lifestyles

Take a walk around our beautiful urban gardens at the back of the innovation centre, and even reserve a garden to grow your own vegetables

Attend one of our yoga events

Join our onsite gym The Park Club

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