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How Good Office Interior Design Can Boost Productivity

Published on: 20/08/2018

We spend a third of our lives at work, so it makes sense we should put a lot of thought into the space where work happens. The happier people remain in the space where they work, the more positive their approach to work.

Attractive offices also work to attract great talent, retain staff and create a positive brand.

The ideal office design should incorporate a range of diverse working styles and be enhanced for different modes of work. If an office space is large, it has the room to keep these different spaces flexible so employees can move from room to room depending on what their focus is.

These different styles of office space include:


Spaces for collaboration

When working on the same project, open offices with no cubicles and shared desks are brilliant for shared moments and talking through ideas. These spaces have become very popular in the past twenty years.


Spaces for privacy or focused work

Sometimes open work spaces can be a bad setting for moments of intense concentration. As more offices become open, with a focus on collaboration, a strong argument still remains for the humble office cubicle. Some struggle with an open space which can lead to a lot of noise and half-heard conversations. For tasks which require focus, private spaces are still essential for office design.


Spaces for creative and expressive work

These are spaces for discussions where creative ideas are shared, or for large planning meetings, usually revolving around a large shared desk. These spaces are even great for internal company discussions where expression is encouraged.


Spaces for relaxation

It is also beneficial to incorporate spaces for relaxation and ‘time out’ away from screens. Digital eye strain and overexposure to screens can lead to slumps in activity, so having a space where staff can make a clear break from this environment is essential.

Even with smaller spaces, it makes sense to ‘chunk up’ your space to incorporate departments which can accommodate for different styles of working.


Make the most of natural light

Light is one of the most important aspects of an office interior. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), where mood is affected by a lack of light in the day, affects up to 20% of the working UK population. Symptoms include generalised anxiety and an inability to concentrate. A dreary and grey day leads to a slow and undermotivated atmosphere.

Make sure any large windows are uncovered, or even install skylights if you have small windows. If it is difficult to get natural light into your space, use full-spectrum light bulbs which create a soft, warm light.


Include natural materials

‘Biophilic’ design is the newest trend in office design – this is the idea of incorporating as many natural elements as possible into manmade spaces, from featuring raw natural materials to building designs themselves being inspired by patterns found within nature.

Biophilic design’s philosophy is that a base connection between nature and humanity remains, and people feel much more relaxed when surrounded by natural elements. This sense of calm is often reflected through higher levels of productivity and a pride in work.

Office designs are now using more natural materials such as bamboo, wicker, reclaimed wood, recycled plastics or linen to integrate this.

Having plenty of plants and greenery in an office also helps create cleaner air, eliminates bacteria and creates a pleasant, natural aesthetic.


Milton Park has a range of office spaces available, from custom build lab spaces in Park Drive East to smaller spaces ideal for start-ups in our Innovation Centre. Check our availability here.

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