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People of Milton Park – Caroline Dendy, Yoga

Published on: 22/01/2019

Having worked on-site at Milton Park for over 10 years, Caroline Dendy leads our Yoga at lunchtime classes.

Caroline provides yoga classes for businesses across Oxfordshire, you can read more about her work and read her blog on her website.

What benefits do you believe yoga has for those who work at Milton Park?

The benefits of yoga are really varied, as it is a practice of both body and mind.

The benefits can range from anxiety reduction to hip, black and shoulder pain being completely removed. Other benefits can be as simple as an increased sense of wellbeing and calm.

A wide range of people work in the science, technology and engineering fields – I meet and teach a range of ages, nationalities, genders and outlooks in life. I train those who are athletic, but also those who live sedentary lifestyles to help them.


What are the main concerns office workers should have about their physical health and what would you recommend to combat them (apart from regular yoga, of course!)?

My top tip is to do your best to avoid sitting for 8 hours a day – combatting the sedentary lifestyle is all about regular and varied movement. This is not just running and walking, but as many types and varieties of movement as possible.

Always take breaks from seated positions and get moving around as often as you can to keep your blood flow going. Even simple exercises like arm circles, (which is doing a backstroke on the spot), will help you immensely.

Even the most simple adaptations can help with the sedentary lifestyle – for example, every time you walk through a doorway, touch the top of the frame as you do – many people never put their arms above their head, limiting their movement.


What would you say to those who want to start yoga, but may be nervous to start?

Everybody starts somewhere and no-one in the room is looking at you. Everyone in a yoga class is more concerned about their own positions and poise than anything you are doing.

Yoga is not about physical movement, but it is also about closing your eyes and relaxing into your body.

Many who are brand new at yoga feel the benefits quickly. For example,

those who aren’t flexible will benefit from the gentle stretching which comes from yoga.


What is your top tip for yoga beginners?

Do not go into your first yoga class expecting to be perfect at yoga!

Love yourself and everyone around you - these are the first rules of yoga and acceptance. 

Take a mindful approach to yoga - thinking about colours, textures and smells alongside your movement will help you relax.  

“There's never been a class I haven't enjoyed at Milton Park - I love teaching all the classes I teach, they all have their own unique atmosphere, it is a privilege!”

Caroline Dendy 



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