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ESC Power

Published on: 11/01/2019

ESC POWER specialise in UPS Backup, Power Distribution Systems and I.T. Racks, and are partnered with Tripp Lite, Vertiv & Eaton.

Businesses large and small rely upon having 24/7 availability of their network, systems and data. Downtime during working hours is bad news for any company. 

No power = no business!

A UPS deployment, whether centralised or distributed can dramatically reduce the impact of mains power cuts and power disturbances, and can increase the lifetime of connected equipment.

With 16 years of industry experience, ESC POWER have the knowledge!

Q: What benefits do ESC POWER give customers, that others can’t?

A: Value Engineering!

ESC POWER are not simply a box shifting company!

ESC are Application Design Engineers who can save you money by:

  • Designing out unnecessary standard products and costs.
  • Designing backup power solutions specific to your application, as opposed to something generic and  ‘off-the-shelf’.
  • Designing high efficiency into your backup power system.
  • Designing application specific bypass panels in CAD.
  • Designing scalability and flexibility into the system.
  •    and much much more…

Protect your business today!

Get in touch and discover the benefits of working with ESC POWER.

01235 512236      contact@escpower.co.uk      www.escpower.co.uk
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