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The Mi-Link journey planner delivers real-time travel information tailored to your individual journey and has been uniquely customised for Milton Park.

The journey planner is part of the broader Mi-Link project to introduce autonomous vehicles to Milton Park and improve the way people move around the park and the wider Didcot region.

Powered by Passenger Connect technology, the Mi-Link journey planner is a vital part of the project’s aim to encourage less individual car use by making it easy to plan and undertake sustainable journey options.

Why use the Mi-Link journey planner?

Mi-Link phone
Unlike other journey planners, Mi-Link is truly multi-modal. Based on your individual preferences, it will give you journey options across all modes of transport and will combine them if needed to deliver a route that’s exactly right for you.

Whether it’s a flat journey for cyclists, the quickest shuttle to Didcot Parkway train station or the most eco-friendly route on foot, the Mi-link journey planner will find it. If you want to drive to the train station, hop on the train and then cycle the last mile to the office, that’s no problem either.

The Mi-Link journey planner is also integrated with Milton Park’s bike and e-bikes share scheme. You will see the bikes around the Park and at Didcot Parkway train station, see our Bike Share Scheme Quick Guide here. You can not only use the journey planner to find available bikes closest to you but it will also seamlessly link you with the Donkey Republic website for quick booking.

The Mi-Link journey planner doesn’t just give you route options on the map. It goes one step further by sending you real-time personalised updates about your journey, including late-running or cancelled services. It will even suggest alternative routes to get you to your destination. The updates go straight to your phone using Messenger so you won’t miss a thing.

Start making your life easier!