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The Mi-Link journey planner is simple to use. You can plan a one-off trip simply by inputting your start point and destination. You can set preferences for your journey based on factors such as accessibility, mode of transport and even how flat or hilly you want the route to be.


The journey planner will give you suggestions for your route rated by categories including fastest, best or the most sustainable based on CO² emissions. Clicking on the route you’d prefer will open it up in map view, complete with start and end times.


To save time, you can sign up and log in to save your favourite journeys, such as a daily commute, and create your own personalised watch lists for different routes.


Clicking ‘Keep me updated’ after planning your journey means that you’ll receive personalised information through Messenger about any disruption or delays to your journey, as well as alternative routes if necessary.


Reporting issues

You can report any issues with the journey planner to our customer service team by clicking ‘Let us know more’ in the journey planner.


Register using the Zipabout platform https://mi-link.zipp.to/