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Can you give your time to help Didcot GPs with the vaccination programme?

Published on 08 January 2021

Can you help Didcot's three GP surgeries with non-medical support as they administer the Covid-19 vaccine?

The three Didcot GP practices are working together as Didcot Network to vaccinate the local population which totals 15,000 people who will need to be vaccinated with two visits per person.

They are looking for healthy, young volunteers, preferably under the age of 40 without medical problems, who are lower risk, to help marshal both inside and outside at the Covid Vaccination Centre in Didcot.

Vaccinations will start in early January and will involve many healthcare workers working to vaccinate their patients.

Lucy Wilson GP, Woodlands Medical Centre said: "We really need marshalls to do three-hour stints indoors or outdoors. This may involve car parking duty, wheelchair duty, door duty, check-in duty, observing post-vaccination area and helping at exit.

"We will be needing help for the next few months, so anybody who can help even for a few hours very occasionally would be most welcomed. We will be vaccinating any day of the week including Saturdays. Volunteers will be briefed on arrival for their shift. Any protective gear, for example, high vis waistcoats, face masks etc. will be provided.

"We are hoping some local businesses may consider occasionally releasing their employees for a few hours in order to help with this essential work in fighting the Covid Pandemic."

If you are able to assist, please contact Andrea immediately to be on the volunteer register via:

Thank you.