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Car sharing advice: advantages, Government recommendations and keeping safe

Published on 04 September 2020

With some people returning to work and many of you using Faxi, our carpooling scheme, the questions around how to keep staff and you safe while car sharing are on people's minds.

Although employers' duty of care does not extend to the risks employees may face while travelling to and from the workplace, making sure that staff stay safe on their commute can significantly reduce the chances of infection getting into workplaces.

To help keep people safe on their car sharing commute, Faxi has put together a guide which gives you an overview of the advantages of carpooling versus public transport, and lists the government's six recommendations and safety instructions on how to travel safely while cars sharing during the Covid-19 pandemic.

You can read Faxi's guide here.

This advice echoes the Government's safer travel guidance for passengers

Safe travelling.