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New sustainable seating makes outdoor meetings easy at Milton Park

Published on 08 September 2020

In response to people's wishes to return to the workplace and have outdoor and walking meetings, we have invested in additional sustainable outdoor seating for you to use and enjoy.

Alongside our current outdoor seating, six new picnic tables made from recycled plastic have been installed with current tables redistributed around the park including near to the lagoon areas. There are also new benches along the wall at 65-71 Innovation Drive to offer improved seating space.

The Dartmouth picnic tables have been provided by The Plastic Company, which are ideal for social distance seating and can comfortably seat up to eight people.

Milton Park, which is in 214 acres of ownership, is fortunate to have 43 acres of open and landscaped space, representing 20% of the Park, made-up of water, shrubs, 80,000 sq m of grass and 2,653 trees.

Peter King, estate manager at Milton Park said: “As people start to return to Milton Park in September, we are keen to ensure that we have gone to every effort to assist people with social distancing which includes providing outdoor space for alfresco meetings within our beautiful grounds. We have completed an exercise with ASA, our landscape architects, to map all the outdoor seating and identify areas where we need to increase the provision, which has resulted in ordering and installing additional seating. We are seeing more and more people returning to the workplace and looking to hold their meetings outdoors as much as possible.

“The Plastic Company’s picnic tables are a great sustainable product as they are made from recycled plastic and have longevity without the need for on-going maintenance as you have with wooden tables and benches. Using our data and recent survey results, if schools reopen as planned, we predict that we will be up to 50% occupancy in September, and 75% by January 2021. We look forward to welcoming people back to Milton Park whenever they are ready to return and seeing the new seating in use."

You can find the new and existing picnic tables in the following locations:

- Three new at the back of 99 Park Drive

- Two tables taken from 99 Park Drive and redistributed to new area near 120 Olympic Avenue on the grass near the cycling shelter

- One new table near the lagoon at 65-71 Innovation Drive, near the lagoon and main car park area

- One new outside 7-10 Park Drive on the main grass area

- One new near the security building

- One table redistributed along new path – 39 Innovation Drive.

We hope you enjoy using them when you're ready to return to the workplace.