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Returning to workplace survey shows 50% of respondents plan to be back by end of April

Published on 19 April 2021

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Around 50% of respondents to Milton Park's recent Returning to the Workplace 2 survey said they plan to return before the end of April 2021 and 27% expect to be back before the end of June.

18% expect their return date to be before the end of September and just 6% said they wouldn't be back before January 2022.

Flexible working?

46% of respondents said that they expected to be working from home at least part of the time and people will avoid busy commuter times.

However, there is still a clear appetite for returning to the workplace in a flexible way as people reported missing colleagues and friends.

What people are looking forward to

People cited what was important to them in returning to the workplace such as:

  • fresh coffee
  • cafes and open areas
  • good public transport
  • beautician and hair salon
  • sausage rolls
  • sandwich melts
  • seasonal events.

On the more practical side, also cited were:

  • regulated hours
  • easy office supply such as printer, stationery and energy bills
  • serendipity ie "meeting someone off chance and interaction with my team and general buzz at the Park".

Those who have been back to the Park

Around 75% of respondents had returned to Milton Park at some point in the past year, even for a short while.

In response to a question asking about people's experiences and what Milton Park might do to make their return easier, people left largely positive comments such as "preparation for a covid-19 safe environment is very visible - thank you" and "the cycle routes are now much better than prior to the pandemic".

The majority of people, 49% said they were ready to return with the right safeguards in place with just 9% saying they were very concerned about the ability to social distance at work, cleanliness of the workplace and not having the vaccine before returning to work, the commute and having to wear PPE or a face covering.

Switching to sustainable travel modes

5% of people said that they plan to change their mode of transport when they return to Milton Parking choosing a more sustainable mode of travel in the future.

What our business leaders said

Lastly, 52% of business leaders said that they have a returning to the workplace strategy in place, 30% said they are actively working on their strategy and around 9% said they are awaiting further guidance from the Government.

View from Philip Campbell, MEPC commercial Director, Milton Park

"Thank you to everyone who took part in our second returning to the workplace survey. It seems quite strange that we're a year into this but what's clear is that people are looking forward to returning here when they can and reuniting with colleagues, again enjoying our open spaces and many amenities and that vital fresh cup of coffee!

"It has been the most unusual year and challenging in so many ways for so many people, but our customers have been incredible. The whole world is going through a revolution of how we work and operate and while flexibility will be key, we still need those human interactions, those laughs and vital water cooler moments where sparks of inspiration and collaboration come to life. We look forward to welcoming people back and have exciting initiatives planned to ensure that as a community we can build on the past year in a sustainable and positive way and thrive."

Charity competition winner

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