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New Liftshare Site Now Live

Published on: 15/12/2016

Milton Park launches its new travel campaign: Milton Reach helping everyone to enjoy their commute. 

Over the next few months, we will be encouraging people across Milton Park to help make our community more sustainable by travelling a little ‘greener’. 

We have recently launch our new Liftshare site, helping you to save money on travel and to potentially lower your stress levels by sharing the driving!

Please view all the new details and sign up by following: miltonpark.liftshare.com. This includes information on our guaranteed lift home option. Remember, you don’t have to be a driver to sign up to Liftshare, you can request lifts too!

Even if you can only change one or two of your usual trips to a more sustainable mode, it will have a huge impact across Milton Park if everyone does their bit.  As the weather gets warmer, we will be encouraging you all to dig out your bicycles and use your commute to get fitter and healthier and arrive at work feeling awesome!

To find out more about how to enjoy your commute or to have your say on travel matters, contact Milton Park’s Travel Advisor: veronica.reynolds@miltonpark.com

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