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Earth Hour: 20 things to do from the comfort of your home

Published on: 25/03/2020

With Earth Hour happening at 830pm (local time) on Saturday 28th March 2020, this year, for public safety, the event is going digital and the organising team has recommended that all individuals participate in Earth Hour virtually.

Earth Hour, organised by WWF, is a global grassroots movement uniting people to take action on environmental issues and protect the planet.

Every year, people countdown together across the globe to celebrate Earth Hour to take one iconic action: switch off the lights.

The team has put together a list of 20 things you can do at home or online this Earth Hour for everyone and also young ones.

View the 20 things to make Earth Hour a memorable experience here: https://latest.earthhour.org/earthhour-at-home

You can share your Earth Hour experience by using the hashtag #EarthHour.

Also tag @EarthHourOfficial on Instagram, @EarthHour on Facebook and @EarthHour on Twitter so the team can easily share your posts and stories.

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