LTI Metaltech Ltd

Precision metal fabricators and welding

LTi Metaltech Ltd is a dynamic, innovative and growing production company, with solid foundations in regulated precision fabrication and welding. We work with global companies and OEM’s to deliver advanced high performance vessels and structures using Stainless Steel, Copper and high purity Aluminium. LTi is a recognised expert in high integrity welded structures capable of withstanding extreme pressure, vacuum and temperature differentials, delivering cutting edge technologies for industries including Fusion & Nuclear, Healthcare and Renewables, with further capabilities and insights targeted at Transport & Rail.

LTi manufactures over 2,000 pressure & vacuum vessels per annum, used to encapsulate liquid Helium that cools superconducting electromagnets to 4 Kelvin (-269 degrees Celsius). With a history of being part of a leading blue chip organisation, LTi is a Tier 1 supplier that has invested in the latest equipment, technology and working practices to manufacture products to strict industry standards, with lifetime records and traceability for all materials and components. To ensure the integrity of these components, the company performs very high levels of quality control and testing throughout the production and fabrication process, from visual welding inspection through to X-Ray and High Vacuum testing. The business is comprised of core volume business and an increasing project and consultancy service.

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