Our manifesto & values

Now more than ever, our promise to our customers is paramount. Our 35-year track record as stewards of Milton Park is about nurturing positive long-term relationships and delivering on our promises.

Business colleagues on a bench. Here at Milton Park our business community is important to us. Find out more about Milton Parks values and ethos over on our website

At Milton Park, we believe in bringing life to work.

Our primary responsibility is to our customers with a duty to create a home for dynamic businesses, small or large, thanks to an inspiring landscape, unrivalled connectivity, and welcome humanity.

We facilitate life-changing discoveries and conversations between the business community, local and national government, research, academia, education, local residents and all relevant stakeholders.

By managing the buildings and infrastructure in sustainable ways, the environment is enhanced, and flexibility is given for each company to realise its full potential.

We provide a place where collaboration and the fusion of ideas can flourish and talent can thrive.

Social and cultural life are integral to Milton Park. As a member of the community, you can enjoy our many amenities and events.

Most importantly, we are here – and will remain here – for you, for the long term.

What matters most to us


Whatever size or sector of your business, our Park is yours.


We are pioneering in our thinking and vision.


In what we build and what you experience, nothing we do is dull.


Our heritage, our customers, our team, our Park is what’s important to us.

Be part of a community

We’re more than just a business park; we’re a happy, thriving community where businesses and individuals can thrive. There are plenty of added extras that allow your business to flourish and grow.

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