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Home to 250 companies and over 9,000 people, Milton Park is a dynamic and vibrant science, business and technology park in Oxfordshire, in between Didcot and Abingdon.

Discover Milton Park’s wonderful waggledancers

Milton Park is home to more than 9,000 workers, but did you know, over 70,000 honeybees also call the Park home?

They love to waggledance, a unique figure of eight dance, directing their fellow honeybees to pollen and nectar laden flowers. So, next time you are out around the Park, see if you can spot one of our honey making, waggledancing bees.

A thriving science and technology park in Oxfordshire

With its stunning natural landscape, more than 25 amenities and excellent transport connections, Milton Park is a unique work environment located between Didcot and Abingdon.

As the UK’s largest single ownership business community, everything you need for your day is on your doorstep.

We build with the future in mind and we nurture strong relationships, so you have an attractive place to work and belong.

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Featured workspaces near Oxford

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127 Olympic Avenue (19 & 21)

127 Olympic Avenue (19 & 21)

  • Office
  • Laboratory
  • 1,430 sq ft - 2,940 sq ft / 133 sq m - 273 sq m
  • Available
100 Park Drive

100 Park Drive

  • Office
  • Laboratory
  • 8,595 sq ft - 8,593 sq ft / 799 sq m - 798 sq m
  • Available
GCP Construction Limited
Aztex Solutions Ltd
Living Optics
Achilles Information Ltd
Allmakes Ltd

You’re in good company

With a wide variety of companies across many different sectors, we facilitate life-changing discoveries, conversations and collaborations between the business community, local and national government, research, academia, education, local residents in Oxfordshire and stakeholders with regular networking events, business showcases and seminars. Milton Park is a place where businesses, big and small, can innovate and thrive.

Be part of a community here in Oxfordshire

We're more than just a science, business and technology park; we’re a welcoming and friendly community with regular events and activities where it’s the people that make the place.

We also have a wonderful team who are passionate about building a community, based at Milton Park which is near Oxford, and in between Abingdon and Didcot.

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